Petitions – 26 November 2022

1. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede for me to Jesus to help my child to stop smoking, drinking and clubbing.

2. I seek your intercession for our financial situation, help us to achieve stability and improve our relationships within the family.

3. Please intercede for my husband. He has been having problems with me and the children. He is always uptight and upset over the smallest things. Please pray for him to learn to let go, teach him to see the positive side of things and to get along with the children.

4. My wife has just started chemotherapy. Please help her to overcome the suffering and pain.

5. Dearest Mother, please help my grandchildren to pass their exams and be promoted to the next level. Pray that they will continue to be motivated and focus on their studies.

6. I ask for your intercession for my friend who is suffering from lupus. This disease has killed all her healthy cells. I pray that oral medications will be able to help her and for her to get back to normal life. I also pray that there will be no more infections and she will be able eat well and recover.

7. Dear Mother, I pray for my mother’s upcoming surgery. Please be with her throughout the operation and may she have a speedy recovery without any complication.

8. Dearest Mother, I need your powerful intercession to come out of my sinful lifestyle. I am addicted to alcohol, smoking, pornography and adultery. Mother, please intercede for me to lead a holier life.

9.  I come to ask for your prayers for my daughter. She is depressed and has thoughts of ending her life. I pray that you will guide her and remove these bad feelings.