Petitions – 26 March 2022

1. My friend is in a medically induced coma from a stroke. Please ask your Son to heal him.

2. Dearest Mother, I’m still struggling with my sins, struggling with school work and struggling to keep myself afloat. School has been really tiring and stressful. Please pray for me.

3. Please intercede for my friend who had a stroke and has undergone surgery.

4. I am so worried about the development of my 10-month old baby. He has been through so much since birth. Please pray for him to be healthy and grow well.

5. Mother I’m in need of financial assistance now to provide for my family. Please intercede for me that I can overcome this situation.

6. Mother, please intercede and pray for me that God will protect me through my pregnancy.

7. Dear Mother, please intercede and pray for the people of Ukraine and Russia.

8. Dear Mother Mary I ask for your prayers for my niece to guide her along the path of honesty, integrity and love.