Petitions – 25 September 2021

1. Dear Mother, I am facing many obstacles and distractions. Pray and intercede for me that I may remain steadfast in the face of all these obstacles and distractions.

2. Dear Mother, please pray for me that I will be a good and loving husband.

3. Mother, please intercede for my brother that he will find a suitable tenant to rent for his spare room because he relies on the rental income.

4. Dearest Mother Mary, I sincerely and humbly come to you to pray for my niece who has a disorder in managing her behaviour and anger.

5. Mother of Perpetual Help, my husband and I have been hoping for a child. Please intercede for us that we may conceive.

6. Dear Mother, please pray and intercede on my behalf for a smooth surgery.

7. Dear Mother Mary, my husband and I are now unemployed. Please pray for us that we can secure employment soon.

8. Mother, I pray for my daughter that she will do well in her coming examination.

9. Dearest Mother, please be with my family, especially my mom who is now in hospital with Covid-19. Pray for her and those infected with the virus for a speedy recovery.