Petitions – 25 Nov 2017

  1. Help me to do my work well and to be able to extend my contract beyond my retirement.
  2. My mum and I have been separated for five years due to differences in our faith. Please reunite us in love.
  3. I pray for all the people who are sick, suffering, and who do not know God. Protect them and give them strength and peace in their hearts.
  4. My dear Mother Mary, I applied for citizenship here in Singapore. Help me in this application so that it may be approved.
  5. Mary, please pray from my own mama to get a new and healthy baby and also for my papa to be happy and safe in his work.
  6. Mother of Perpetual Help, be with my family and protect us while we are on our holidays at the end of November.
  7. My son and daughter-in-law are hoping and longing to have a child and I know that with your prayers their hope will be fulfilled.
  8. I’m waiting for the result of my medical test. I pray that I’ll be given a clean bill of health.