Petitions – 25 March 2023

1. Please pray for my grandson’s addiction to mobile and computer games. I surrender him to you and ask for your intercession to our Lord Jesus.

2. Dear Mother, my mother aged 96 had a fall yesterday and she was warded at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. She went through procedures to curb the bleeding of her brain but unfortunately it was not successful. The doctor has given her a slim chance and told me to be mentally prepared. Please keep my mum in prayer.

3. We thought we hit rock bottom in our financial problems previously but you have always interceded and helped turn things around. Now, with more obligations and the future of our children at stake, the situation feels far worse where the company that I am working for has not paid our salaries since last September and I have not secured any new job offers given my age. Please help me to get back on my feet again with a good job and income.

4. Dear Mother, I will be getting a new helper this week. Please bless that she will work well with my family. I also pray for my previous helper to find the right employer.

5. I am feeling at the lowest point of my life now. Give me a clear state of mind. I know that I have hurt my wife and she is going through a lot of pain.

6. Please pray for a premature baby who is fighting for his life.

7. I beg you to intercede to your Son, to grant my daughter a miracle healing. She is suffering from stage 4 cancer and it has spread all over. She will be undergoing a trial drug as she is not responding well to the current treatment. She has 2 young sons and I pray that you will heal her so that she can take care of them.

8. I have attended an interview in Australia and waiting for a reply from them. I pray that I will be able to secure this job.

9. Mother, please pray for my granddaughter to have a speedy recovery from her sickness.

10. Please intercede to our Lord Jesus Christ, for harmony among my grandchildren and their parents during the holidays.

11. Dear Mother Mary, please save my marriage and my family.

12. Please pray for me to settle down with a suitable life partner.