Petitions – 25 June 2022

1. I pray for your intercession for me to conceive a child soon. My husband and I have been childless for more than 8 years. We are both non-Catholic and I heard a lot of miracles happening through your prayers. Please intercede to your Son, Jesus, to grant us a child.

2. I am feeling nervous about my exam. Please guide me to calm down and to have a clearer mind.

3. Please guide my teenagers back to catechism classes. I also pray that there are good and saintly people around my children’s lives so that they can learn the correct values and help them in their studies.

4. I would like to ask for your prayers and intercession for my friend’s mother in this time of need. She will be going through a high-risk surgery. Please bless and guide the hands of the surgical team to make this surgery a successful one.

5. I humbly seek your intercession and grace upon this lady who is currently single-handedly caring for her elderly, dementia father. She does not have any support from her family. She is under tremendous stress, yet she still cares and loves her father dearly.   

6. Dear Mother, please help my husband who just had a road accident and broke his arm. He is having so much difficulty coming to terms with being unable to use his arm. Mother, please pray for him to your Son, our Lord. May he find comfort in you and your Son.

7. My brother is suffering from stage 3 cancer. Please help him through this moment. I also pray for my niece who is going for a heart surgery. Please be with them and journey with them as they go through the trials.

8. Please intercede for my husband to be more mindful of his sharp tongue and words towards me and our children. Bless him to think before speaking and acting. Bless our family with love and peace.

9. Please help my niece to give up her addiction in using her handphone and to concentrate on her studies instead.

10. I have encountered a problem with my friend. She found out that I am secretly in love with her and she started avoiding me. She is the only friend that I have in university and I trust her. Pray that we will be able to reconcile and enjoy our friendship as before. I value our friendship so much as I do not have a lot of friends when I was growing up. Grant me the courage to apologise to her.