Petitions – 25 Jul 2020

1. I seek your motherly intercession to help my only son who is going through anguish, pain and dilemma. Please intercede for him as I cannot lose him. He needs your love and mercy.

2. Please help my sister. She is going through a tough time because of her in-laws. There are misunderstandings, they lie about her and torture her. She is broken and our parents are clueless as to what to do to help her. Please intercede to your Son, for her to have a peaceful family life.

3. Dear Mother, I found out last week that I am pregnant. Please bless me with a smooth pregnancy and deliver a normal healthy baby.

4. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for me that my faith and trust in God will be strong and I will not be fearful of stress and I will be confident.

5. Please pray for my granddaughter to stay healthy and for her upcoming PSLE. Please also bless my other grandchildren too.

6. I pray that my scan results will be positive and there’ll be no serious sickness. Please restore my health in body, mind and soul.

7. Dear Mother Mary, please touch the heart of my employer that they may be guided to issue my new S-pass. I have stopped working since 15th May and I am unable to work due to the pandemic restriction. I pray for strength and guidance in my day to day struggles.

8. Please heal my wife from all her illnesses. I pray for all who have suffered loss and for them to overcome the difficulties they are facing.