Petitions – 25 Jan 2020

  1. Please intercede for my daughter to choose the right course to study and the right polytechnic to enrol in.


  1. Please pray that my brother will be leniently fined by the State Court for his littering offence. May he repent and not litter again.


  1. Please intercede for my youngest son to have the gifts of the Holy Spirit. Please let him to be patient, kind, joyful, faithful, gentle, self-controlled and peaceful. Let him start this year by focusing on his studies. Please let him stay away from his handphone that is causing his dismal performance in school.


  1. Please pray for my friend that she will find comfort in other ways to live a normal life with her 2 children after her husband passed on recently.


  1. Please pray that there will always be peace in Iran. Let’s all parties settle their disputes amicably.


  1. Please intercede for my son and bless him with a job soon. He has not had a job since July 2019.


  1. I pray for reconciliation and for a second chance in my marital relationship.


  1. Please intercede for my husband who is suffering from Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Crohn’s disease that he will recover from these illnesses.


    1. I pray for my uncle who had just passed away. I pray for my grandmother who is in another country and is living alone. I pray that I will do well in my Chinese test and that I will stay on in higher Chinese.


    1. I pray that you can help the needy and the poor.