Petitions – 24 September 2022

1. Dearest Mother, I’m placing my petition before you for my husband, who after changing to a new job this year is not happy at all. He is very stressed. He cannot leave the job at this moment. Mother, please pray that he finds a new job soon.

2. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede that my baby and myself will be given a clean bill of health at my week 32 scan and blood test.

3. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I am writing this petition and seeking your help to intercede to your Son Jesus for my ailing mother. She has been unwell lately and I am very worried for her. I pray that she regains her health.

4. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for me during this period of uncertainty with regards to my future. I pray for perseverance, wisdom and humility.

5. Please help my husband & myself in our role as parents. This world is so broken and competitive, we pray that we’ll not lose sight of Jesus. We pray that our son will walk in Christ’s teachings and give us the wisdom, patience and help to guide him.

6. Dear Mother Mary, please help us to have the courage to trust in God in this time of financial difficulties.

7. Dear Mother, I humbly ask for your intercession for my friend’s daughter. May she get a job as soon. Guide her to make good decisions and continue to keep her motivated.

8. Mother Mary, please intercede that my mother will survive this critical condition. May God grant her a speedy recovery and bring her home soon.

9. Dearest Mama Mary, please intercede for me and pray for the grace of faith, trust and to be obedient to God always. Help me to overcome my addictions and bad habits.

10. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, l humbly ask for your prayers for healing from sickness and from physical and emotional pains that myself and my husband are going through.

11.  I earnestly seek your intercession for my niece who is facing marital problems. She is contemplating divorce. Dear Mother, please intercede for her and ask our Lord Jesus to show her the way forward.

12. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for me that I will be able to leave my job and find a new suitable job. My current job is draining all the energy out of me and is having a negative effect on me.

13. Mother Mary, please help me to do God’s will. Protect my family from sickness and harm. May we always trust in God amidst trials and difficulties.

14. Dear Mother Mary, I beg your intercession for my parents so that they will stop quarrelling. Shower your love upon our family so that we will be filled with God’s peace and joy.