Petitions – 24 December 2022

1. Please intercede for my Goddaughter as she had just undergone an operation to remove her womb. Pray for her speedy recovery

2. Dear Mother Mary, I pray for a lenient warning from the Police for an unfortunate accident caused by me.

3. Please Mother Mary, I ask for your intercession to your Son for guidance as I am about to make a big decision in my life concerning my future.

4. Dear Mother, I am in a desperate need of financial help to settle my bills. Please help me and have mercy on me.

5. I pray dear Mother for a happy marriage. I hope to find a good Catholic partner to settle down with. Please guide me.

6. Dear Mother Mary, as this year is ending, I pray for your intercession to continue to guide me and my family into the new year.

7. Mother, intercede for my daughter so that she will be able to continue to study for her diploma. She has repeated her core subjects twice and will be expelled if she fails a third time. I know that she has to play her part as well.

8. Dear Mother, please intercede to your Son Jesus, for me to have a healthy baby. I am in my sixth month and so far, all seems fine.

9. Mother Mary, intercede to Jesus for my family who are in dire straits financially. I am the only breadwinner, and the bills and debts are piling up. Please pray that eventually all will be well.