Petitions – 23 October 2021

1. Dearest Mother, thank you for interceding for me. My blood test result is normal. I have a small black patch spot near my toe, please pray that it is not cancerous.

2. Please pray for my son who is suffering from anxiety depression and not able to be independent.

3. Dear Mother, I pray that my husband will get selected for an upcoming project. He has been working so hard for it and it would really help us financially too.

4. Dear Mother Mary, my son has just broken off with his girlfriend of 3 years. Please be with them during this difficult period, help them to overcome their sadness and move on with their lives.

5. My sister went for a scan and found that there is a tumour in her womb. She has been referred to National Cancer Centre for further investigation. Please pray for my sister that the tumour is not cancerous.

6. Dear Mother Mary, I pray that you will heal my best friend. We were separated a month ago and recently I found out that he has not been doing well mentally. I pray that you will heal his internal wounds and that he will fully recover.

7. Dearest Mother, please pray for my financial stability.

8. I have changed jobs recently and I am feeling immensely stressed now as it seems nothing is going well. But I don’t want to give up. Please lead me out of this stress and be happy and confident in my new job.