Petitions – 23 July 2022

1. Please intercede for my son to mend his ways and return to God.

2. Dear Mother, I am going on a media day trip to Desaru. Please keep us safe and may all things go well.

3. Please pray for my son and daughter that they will walk out of darkness and walk in Jesus’s light.

4. Please help me to pass my driving test. Help me to be calm and be a safe and steady driver.

5. My son is down with dengue. I pray for a speedy recovery for him.

6. Please intercede for Ukraine & Myanmar to have peace and love. Be with those who are bereaved. Change the hearts of the leaders, and fill them with wisdom that will lead to peace and harmony.

7. Mother of Perpetual Help, I am reaching out to seek your intercession to help my daughter to recover from her cough. We hope that it does not develop into something more serious such as pneumonia or bronchitis. Please pray for her so that she may be able to regain her health to resume her daily activities.

8. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede that my son will be able to secure a job. He has been called for many interviews.

9. My son has been angry with me for the last 2 to 3 years. He hardly talks to me. I am praying that we can reconcile and move forward to a peaceful relationship.

10. Dearest Mother, I have just resigned from my present company. It has been a rough ride for the past 12 years. I do not know where is my direction from here. I pray for guidance and strength.

11. Please intercede for our mother so that she can have a successful eye cataract surgery and God will grant her a speedy recovery.

12. Please help my worker who suffered from an injury while working. I pray that you will heal him with a speedy recovery.

13. Please intercede for my fiancé to have his S-pass approved so that he can take up his new job as he has been experiencing difficulties in his current job.

14. Please pray for my dad who is unable to walk by himself. I pray that he will regain his mobility and be healed soon.

15. Dearest Mother, please pray for my siblings and me that we may find our life partners that God has prepared for us. We are waiting patiently in faith.

16. Please pray for my daughter who will be travelling overseas for studies that she will be protected from all evil, danger and harm. Keep her always close to your Son, Jesus.