Petitions – 23 Feb 2019

  1. Dearest Mother, I pray for all parents who have a strained relationship with their children.


  1. Mother, I pray for fruitful and love-filled catechism sessions this year.


  1. Please pray and intercede for my mother and for the conversion of my family members.


  1. Mother, please intercede for me that I will be able to find a soul mate.


  1. My granddaughter has a high fever, please intercede for us that she may recover.


  1. Please intercede for my son, who will be receiving his G.C.E. ‘A’ Level results.


  1. Mother, I pray for peace in the office.


  1. Mother, please intercede for my nephew’s wife to have a safe delivery.


  1. My daughter is going for a breast surgery to remove a lump. Please be with her.


  1. Mother, help my son to give up his alcoholic addition.