Petitions – 23 Dec 2017


  1. Mother, please help me to have enough money. I want to give to my children and grandchildren for Christmas.


  1. Mother Mary, please pray for my son to change his ways. Only our Lord Jesus is able to help him and I look forward to him to change.


  1. I have gone through so much suffering and always thought my future would be better but now that I am 35, I have yet attained happiness. Please guide me.


  1. Bless my ex-colleague with a speedy recovery.


  1. Please intercede for me to get a good tenant to rent my room next year.


  1. Mother, please intercede that my application for a job will be successful.


  1. Dear Mother, I am praying for your assistance to intercede for me to make a decision to quit my job. I am 71 years old and the job is becoming very challenging. As I always ask for your help, I am now seeking your assistance in this very important matter.


  1. We come to you on bended knees to intercede for us to our Lord, to resolve this financial burden that we are going through.


  1. My daughter is expecting her first child. Please keep her in prayer, bless and protect her to have a smooth pregnancy and a safe delivery.