Petitions – 23 April 2022

1. Dear Mother, my husband went for a CT scan and the result showed that he has a nodule in his lungs. Please pray for him.

2. Dear Mother, please intercede for my children for they seem to have forgotten Jesus.

3. Mother Mary, pray for me to your son Jesus that my eye condition will be healed.

4. Mother, I am in deep financial problems. I pray that it will be resolved soon.

5. Dear Mother Mary, my son is in the army. Please protect and guide him. Please ask Jesus to keep him safe

6. My father will be going for an operation to remove part of his intestine as he has cancer. Please Mother, intercede to your son that it will be successful.

7. Mother, please pray that the war in Ukraine will end soon. Many innocent lives have been lost

8. Dearest Mother, please heal my son of a blood clot in his brain during a recent heart surgery, that he will return to a normal life soon.

9. Mother, intercede to your Son, Jesus, for a friend who resides overseas. She is suffering from multiple health problems that are related to her heart. She is very sick and waiting to be operated on. It’s a very delicate operation.