Petitions – 22 Jun 2019

  1. I pray to have a successful surgery to remove a nodule in my right lung and to be completely healed from cancer.


  1. I pray for my brother who is involved in a sexual allegation. May he be free from it.


  1. I pray for my friend to conceive a baby.


  1. I am facing some issues in life with my husband. He is lost and confused now. Our marriage is facing challenges and I pray for your intercession and for reconciliation in our marriage.


  1. Please help my daughter to secure a good job. She graduated more than 6 months ago but is unable to find any job. Due to the many rejections, she has become depressed. Mother, please intercede for her and bless her with a job.


  1. Please bless my family with good health and to overcome financial difficulties.


  1. Please pray for my grandson and guide him through his studies.


  1. My younger brother is staying alone overseas, please heal him of his sickness.


  1. Please bring my child back to the church.