Petitions – 22 July 2023

1. Dearest Mother, please grant me wisdom in doing my new job well. I need to write clear and good English in all my communications.

2. Dearest Mother, I ask for your intercession for a friend who is going for her MRI. I put her in your good hands. Please have mercy on her and spare her any worries and pain.

3. My mother has been having giddiness for more than a month and it has not resolved despite seeing doctors multiple times and taking medication every day. She needs to undergo an MRI. Please intercede for my mum for her to have a full recovery.

4. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for my friend that he will be healed from his brain tumour and any other sickness. Pray that he may have a conversion experience.

5. Please pray that I will be able to have a full-time job in teaching next year. Something that pays well gives me job satisfaction, something I can do well.

6. Dear Mother Mary, thank you for your guidance especially during my job search. I have landed a contractor role at the moment and I have completed my final interview with another company. I feel it went well and I could connect with the managers. Please intercede so that the process goes smoothly and they can finalize   the offer to me.

7. Please pray for my husband to open his heart to God’s Word, to repent and to be reconciled to our Father.

8. Dearest Mother, please intercede that I have wisdom and perseverance to deal with the difficulties I face at work.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my son to secure a job soon. He has been working part-time jobs and has gone for interviews without any success. Please intercede for him.

10. Dearest Mother Mary, I come to you to pray for my daughter-in-law to have a child soon. It has been a few years since they got married and she is in her thirties already.