Petitions – 22 January 2022

1. I have a great fear of my COVID-19 booster due to the possibility of having severe side effects. Mother, please pray that my faith and trust in God will help me to overcome this fear.

2. My brother-in-law is suffering from heart complications, and he just went through a heart surgery. Please pray for his recovery.

3. My former student will be retaking his “O” Levels today. Please ask your Son Jesus to be with him during his exam. Please continue to guide him as well in his life.

4. I am not in good terms with my father. Because of this, I lose my temper with him as I cannot tolerate him and his attitude. Please help me to be aware of the root cause of our friction so that I will know how to improve our relationship.

5. My son is going for a job interview today. Please intercede for him to be able to go through this interview with total trust in God. I surrender him to your care, Mother, as he has been looking for a new job for several months already.

6.I have lost a lot of money due to my carelessness. I feel really distressed and have been going through sleepless nights. I am worried that this stressful situation is also affecting the health of the child in my womb. Please pray for me that I will have peace in my heart and mind, dearest Mother.

7. I have been offered to do my post-graduate studies in Australia for four years. I know this is something I have been wanting to do but I am very afraid of travelling due to the pandemic. There is so much uncertainty and I feel overwhelmed. Please intercede for me, Mother, so that I will have the courage to make a wise decision soon.

8. My company has had no income for the last two months, and we are in a very precarious situation. Please help us as we are desperately in need of income to pay the salary of our employees, as well as levy and rent. Please help us, dear Mother.

9. I am applying for a Permanent Resident visa in Australia. Please pray for me that the application I have submitted will go smoothly.

10. My eldest brother has been diagnosed with kidney failure. At the same time, my mother is also recuperating from a hip surgery and may not be able to walk again. My family is really stressed and overwhelmed now. Please intercede for all of us to go through this challenging time with courage, comfort, trust and confidence in God.

11. I am looking forward to have a holiday with a great sense of peace. My children are also looking forward to this moment. Please pray for my family that we will be able to spend quality time together on this holiday.

12. I have a problem with alcohol addiction, and this has affected my relationship with my friends and family. It has also impacted my health. I humbly ask for your intercession, dear Mother.