Petitions – 22 Aug 2020

1. I seek for your intercession to secure a job as I have been retrenched for the past 3 weeks.

2. Dear Mother Mary, I have been trying to start a family for a year and a half. Recently, I found out that again I have multiple fibroids in my uterus. Please pray for me that I will have good health and that the fibroids will stop growing and multiplying and I will be able to conceive soon.

3. Please help my non catholic brother who is suffering from cancer in the kidney and lungs. His new cancer drug is giving him blisters on his feet, causing him a lot of pain. Please do not let his condition worsen due to the stopping of the medication.

4. Please help my grandson to prepare well for his PSLE. Please intercede for him to do well and proceed to the school of his choice.

5. Dear Mother, I barely started my café for 3 weeks and we got hit by the Covid Pandemic. I have been struggling to pay the rent as well as my worker’s salary. I pray for strength to continue managing the café.

6. Tomorrow is my mother’s 51st birthday. Bless and guide her always and may she always be happy, healthy and under your protection.

7. Please help with the Covid 19 situation in Australia. The numbers are going up and I pray that there will not be further restrictions. Pray that the people there will do the right thing and to think for others.

8. I hope my dad will forgive me for all my wilfulness and disobedience and give me another chance to make amends, be filial to him and be proud of me. I hurt my dad so terribly and hope to seek his forgiveness. Please intercede for me.