Petitions – 22 April 2023

1. Dearest Mother Mary, my sister is having a biopsy done for her stomach discomfort. Please keep her safe and grant her a good health.

2. Mama Mary, I offer my petition for a good result in my exams and for a successful migration to Australia with my family.

3. Mother, I am having a hard time emotionally. Please intercede for me to have peace, happiness and family unity.

4. My son is suffering from depression and is suicidal. He refuses to attend counselling and breaks down easily in the face of small problems. I don’t know how to help him. Please pray for him.

5. Please intercede for me in my financial difficulties. I have so much to shoulder. Please help me.

6. Mother, help me and my husband to conceive a healthy child. We have prayed for many years for a child and we believe all things are possible with God.

7. Mother, please pray for my grandson to overcome his addiction to phones and computer games. I surrender him to you for your intercession.

8. Mother, please heal my newborn who has been fighting for her life since the day she was born. Her lungs are damaged and she is finding it hard to breathe. She was conceived after few years and she is the purest blessing from you. Please heal every part of her and bring her back to us.

9. Please intercede for my son who has been away from the Church and has lost interest in praying.

10. Pray for a speedy recovery for my wife from her covid and protect all of us at home from being infected.

11. My daughter is taking her ‘O’ Levels this year. Bless her with good health, self-confidence and peace.

12. Mother, please save our marriage of 30 years and help us to be happy together again.