Petitions – 21 Sep 2019

  1. We would want to ask you for your intercession for our son. He has suicidal thoughts and refuses to seek treatment. Please pray that he understands that help is needed to keep him safe and to grow healthily.


  1. I have been married for over 35 years and am going through a divorce. I pray that you will bring my husband back to me to restore our marriage and our family soon.


  1. I am now stuck in a difficult situation. My sister in-law who owns 50% of the property is now demanding her share. To give her, her share I must sell the property and I will be homeless. Please help me, Mother, to solve this situation.


  1. Dear Mother, I am truly afraid now, please do not forsake our family and please be with my brother.


  1. I pray for wisdom as I am preparing for my “A” Level examinations.


  1. My husband and I have been longing for a child since we got married. We have been married for a year. We pray to you for your blessings upon us so that I can conceive soon and have a beautiful family.


  1. I pray for strength and determination and courage to continue seeking potential prospects in China which is my only source of income.


  1. Please pray for my son who will be preparing for his PSLE this year.


  1. I come before you with humility for your prayers and intercession for my uncle who has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer and is given only months to live. Please give him peace and comfort as he and his family are coming to terms and preparing him to be back home with the Lord.


  1. My son is deeply addicted to gambling and he has been asking me for money and lying to me at times.


  1. I am a victim of loan scam and I am struggling with my finances. Please help me that this trouble I had with the scammers will not affect my work and my visa here in Singapore.


  1. I ask that you will help me to identify my gifts and talents. I wish to find a new employment that allows me to serve you and others.