Petitions – 21 Mar 2020

  1. I pray that in our fight against the Covid-19 virus, our faith will remain unwavering, and that this will only deepen our desire to be in communion with Christ. Please protect all the healthcare workers.


  1. Please help me to remain steadfast in my journey to deepen my relationship with Christ. Help me too, in my search for employment, for one that allows me to prioritise God in work and practise my faith.


  1. Please pray and bless my hands to be free of pain.


  1. Please continue to intercede for me to be able to find a job soon. I have been looking for a job for the past 1-and-a-half years. The stress of being jobless, financial commitments and the emotional roller coaster of interviews and rejections are very difficult to bear. Please give me strength to get through this.


  1. Please pray for my daughter. She has been coughing for a while now. We have tried for so long with medication and nothing seems to help her get better.


  1. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my daughter who is struggling with her diploma course.


  1. Please pray and intercede for me to heal my lumbar spine. Please grant me strength and complete healing.


  1. Dear Mother, please help my sister who is diagnosed with stage 4 liver cancer. She starts her chemotherapy next week. I understand it may not be an easy time. Please give her strength, fortitude and keep her faith strong.


  1. Our company is in the midst of challenging times. It recently underwent a retrenchment program where a number of my colleagues were affected. Please help all those who were affected to have the strength and faith to continue on to the next phase of their lives. Please pray for them, may they be able to find new jobs quickly. Please pray for the leaders of our company that they may be blessed with strength and wisdom to steer our company through these challenges.