Petitions – 21 January 2023

1. My dearest Mother, intercede for my daughter to our heavenly Father that she’ll be blessed with a good and understanding life partner.

2. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for me to sell my property and also to get a new house.

3. I ask for your intercession for my husband to find a new job as he needs to leave his current company in six months’ time.

4. Mother Mary, I have been suffering from gastric reflux for many months and the doctors are unable to figure out the cause. Mother, intercede to your Son for healing and comfort.

5. Dear Mother Mary, please pray that the loan application for my HDB flat will proceed smoothly.  

6. Dear Mother, please intercede for my child to get over from depression and anger. May there be reconciliation in the family and for healing and comfort.

7. Please continue to pray for my family that we’ll be always close to God. Please pray that my husband and my children will be open to conversion.

8. Dear Mother, please pray for my son. He has been having problems at work and at home, kindly give him peace and happiness.

9. Dearest Mother, please pray for a safe and successful operation for my mother and that she will be restored to good health soon.

10. Dear Mother, kindly intercede for me to conceive and give birth to a healthy child.

11. I’m praying for your continuous intercession that my husband will regain his faith in God and God’s love for him.

12. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, I place all my trust and confidence in you. Please help me to make right decisions in all I do.

13. Dearest Mother Mary, pray for all those who are facing financial difficulties, all those who are suffering with mental health issues and for those who have left the church to come back again.

14. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for me and my husband that we may be able to conceive a healthy child soon.

15. Mother Mary, please pray that my father will recover fully from cancer and my family members will be healthy.

16. Dearest Mother Mary, please continue to bless everyone in my family with good health and happiness. Keep us all safe under your protecting mantle.

17. Dearest Mother, my mum is suffering from fluid retention in her lungs and being retained in hospital. Please pray for her to be cured of this condition and be well again.

18. Dearest Mother Mary, please continue to intercede for my brother’s court case. May he be granted a successful appeal.

19. Dear Mother Mary, please intercede that I may have a smooth and safe pregnancy. Please protect my baby from any harm and danger.