Petitions – 21 Dec 2019

  1. Please intercede for my sister as she will be undergoing a coronary angiogram next week.


  1. I am feeling spiritually low, please guide me along the right path.


  1. I pray for a new job opportunity as I have been jobless for a few months.


  1. Dear Mother, I pray for a reconciliation in my relationship. Grant me a change of heart to make the relationship work.


  1. Please intercede for my mother who was found to have a lump after her mammogram. She is required to go for further test and this caused her depression to worsen. I am so helpless and I pray that my mother’s result will be negative.


  1. My husband has not been providing for the family and I continue to pray for strength and peace that I will be able to support the family.


  1. I will be turning 70 soon and all I ask for is that my life will be free of troubles and I can live peacefully each day.


  1. My son has become very defiant in the last 2 years and is causing distress in the family. He’s not interested in school. Dear Mother, please intercede for him.


  1. My daughter will be going for a key hole surgery next week. Please pray that she will have a speedy recovery. Help her to overcome all her issues as she finds life meaningless and she is always thinking of suicide.