Petitions – 20 Oct 2018

  1. Please pray that my naughty daddy will come back and love the family. He went to China and never called home. He has changed so much in the past 4 years in China.


  1. I am having a financial problem, please show me the right path.


  1. My friend will be going for a major surgery next week. Please pray that she will have a successful surgery and a speedy recovery.


  1. Please pray for my 18 year-old son as he is preparing for his A Level Exams. Mother, please bless him with strength, peace, joy and wisdom.


  1. Please intercede for this premature baby’s healing and recovery.


  1. I pray that everything will go well for my family and my PSLE.


  1. Please help my friend and his family to cope with the sudden loss of their family member.


  1. Please pray for me to overcome all obstacles in my relationship with my boyfriend.


  1. Please help my son to secure a job and to be financially independent to support his family.


  1. I pray for a successful application for my employment


  1. I pray for my husband to be in good health and that he may achieve what he plans to do before his retirement.


  1. I pray for my son’s MRI report next week. Please intercede for him as he still has 3 more treatments to


  1. Please help my daughter to be strong in her faith. She is dating a Muslim man and I feel that she is wavering in her


  1. Please intercede for me to find a suitable life partner.