Petitions – 2 September 2023

1. Dearest Mother, I bring to you my sister who has left the Catholic Church. I pray that she will one day return to the Church.     

2. Please pray for my dad who is a dialysis patient. He is very weak and has very little energy and not eating well. Please pray that he will be stable and God will protect him.         

3. Dear Mother, I am feeling anxious and worried every day. I am worrying my cancer will relapse, stressed about work and kids. I feel there is a burden on my shoulders. Please pray for me, Mother to have a peaceful mind. 

4. I will not be able to attend the Annual Novena Procession this year again as I am working overseas. However, I would like to consecrate my family to you, my most beloved Mother of Perpetual Help. Please watch over my family, bless us and protect us from all harm.

5. Mother, an American friend has met with an accident in the US and her condition is quite serious. Please protect her and save her from all danger so that she can recover through the surgery.

6. I would like to pray for the success of my upcoming promotion interview so that I can be exemplary to my children in always giving our best in whatever we do.    

7. Dear Mother, please grant me a job to feed my children and myself. I earn barely enough to survive. My laptop crashed and I had to use my whole month’s salary to purchase a new one for work. Please intercede for me.      

8. Dearest Mother Mary, I was baptised a year ago without my husband’s knowledge. I decided to tell him the truth 3 months ago as I did not want to deny my faith anymore. He is very furious and wants to end our 20 years of marriage. My son blames me for not keeping the peace and I feel all alone. I pray every day for my family to believe in your Son, the way I do. I seek your intercession to overcome this and to grant me peace of mind.

9. Dear Mother Mary, I just found out that I am pregnant. This is my 1st pregnancy, please protect me and my baby and I pray for a smooth pregnancy and healthy growth of my baby. Please help me in my work to be less stressful and I also pray that my non-Catholic husband will come to know you and experience your love.

10. Dear Mother, I will be going for my knee surgery and I pray that the surgery will go well.                    

11. Dearest Mother Mary, I pray for healing and please help my siblings to stop fighting with one another.              

12. Dear Mother Mary, I am writing this petition to ask for your intercession to our Lord Jesus to cure my grand-niece from her illness.