Petitions – 5 March 2022

1. I pray for your blessings and intercession to heal my mother from her sickness.

2. Mother Mary, please pray for my baby for God’s protection against Covid.

3. Please intercede for my beloved wife who is battling cancer. Please ask God to send His healing graces to heal her in this battle. We know that through you and Jesus, everything is possible and we remain positive.

4. Please be with my daughter in her job. Kindly continue to help her to succeed and obtain the help, support and guidance from the top management. Give her good, responsible and supportive team members.

5. I am entrusting my family to you since I am very far from them. I am praying for their safety every day. Protect them from danger and harm and from diseases. I am also praying that I will find a job soon and pass the medical exam before the renewal of my PR.

6. Please intercede for my wife and I to have a child soon. Please bless that the baby in her womb that it will grow healthy and stronger without any complication.

7. Please heal the world from this pandemic and bless all those who are in need of your aid. Bless our families.

8. Kindly pray and intercede for my niece as she goes through her adolescent years. Help her to understand her parents’ point of view, seek not the desires of this world, be anchored in values of trust, honesty and integrity. Lead her away from the temptations of this world especially sexual temptations and negative influences in the social media and keep her on the straight and narrow path to God.

9. Please allow us to reconcile as a family. My wife and I are going through a divorce and I pray that the Lord would allow us to reconcile and stay united as a family. We are currently experiencing great pain and I pray that Jesus will grant us peace of mind and fill our hearts with forgiveness as we go through this difficult period. Please continue to strengthen my faith in God, regardless the outcome of the divorce proceedings.