Petitions – 2 April 2022

1. Please intercede for my parents who are going through a divorce. Please help them to settle this amicably and with compassion for each other.

2. Dearest Mother, my elder son is sitting for his radiologist examination in UK. Please intercede and bless him to do well in the examination.

3. My daughter-in-law will be delivering her baby. May God shower blessings on mother and baby for a safe and smooth delivery.

4. Please pray for my grandson who will be competing in the national swimming competition. Mother of Perpetual Help, please be with him during the competition, guide and strengthen him until the finishing line.

5. Dearest Mother Mary, I seek your intercession for the medical insurance compensation for my husband. It has been ongoing for the past 1 year and it has taken a toll on myself and family. Please intercede for my beloved husband who is battling cancer.

6. Mother, my 84-year old brother has Aspergers and is living on his own in England. He is very lonely, unhappy, stubborn and unable to take care of himself. He refused to go into a nursing home and he can no longer come back to Singapore. I am extremely worried and pray to you to take care of him.

7. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, hear my prayers. I lost my job and am in financial problems. You know my family’s needs. Please ask God to bless me with a good and stable job soon and help me with my finances.

8. Please help my husband that the MRI Scan on his brain, due to frequent giddiness, will show that there is nothing wrong. Please heal and help him of this problem that he will not need to go for an operation because it is risky for him as he has a heart problem.

9. Dear Mother, please help me that I will be able to renew my employment contract this year.

10. Please pray for my son to be able to let go of his childhood hurts and traumas and please pray for him to come back to your Son, Jesus.

11. Dearest Mother, I am writing to ask for your prayers for my son and his wife to conceive. When they got married nearly 6 years ago, I was overjoyed. My heart aches for them for I know they have tried so hard to have a baby. They are sad though they try to look upbeat all the time. I pray to you dear Mother, to answer our prayers. I ask that God in His love will shower this couple with the blessing of a healthy baby.

12. I offer up my friend of many years into your loving embrace. She has recently been diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer and she will begin her chemotherapy treatment over the next 6 weeks.

13. We need to sell our house but are still unable to get a buyer after 4 months. We are very anxious as we have lowered the asking price a few times and it is now going to be lower than our purchase price. Please intercede for us to find a buyer that is willing to match our asking price soon.