Petitions – 19 Sep 2020

1. Please intercede for my daughter who will be going for a caesarean birth. Please be with her and the medical team to ensure the surgery will go on safely and smoothly for both mother and child.

2. My granddaughter will be sitting for her PSLE in next few weeks. I pray that you will help her and all the students who are sitting for their examinations. And most of all bless them with good health especially during this time.

3. I come before you with persistence and perseverance to ask for your help and intercession for the conversion and healing of my son.

4. Please intercede for my daughter to manage her stress at home.

5. Please pray for my cousin who is currently in the ICU with bleeding in the brain which might leave her unable to talk. I pray that her health will be restored and that she will be healed.

6. Please help me that I may find a suitable job and not lose hope. Strengthen my faith in God.

7. My husband and I have difficulty conceiving a child. Please pray for us and bless us with a child.

8. Please heal all those who are sick, depressed and despairing.

9. Help my husband to get back on his feet. He is feeling very dejected and down over many failed interviews.

10. I am writing on behalf of my sister’s pre-term twin grandsons. We pray that there are no serious underlying conditions as their jaundice remains constantly high although they are now one month old.