Petitions – 19 November 2022

1. I am going through a hard time. My daughter sold my house without my knowledge and has made me and my husband homeless. I worked hard for my family and bought the house to make a family home. Mother, please guide me and give me the strength to be able to afford to get another house. We are both old now and not well. I pray for your intercession.

2. Mother Mary, I seek your intercession to help my son to get out of his bad habit of pornography.

3. My father has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s. He struggles with his memory, mobility and vision. My mother, who is his care-giver, is depressed and overwhelmed. We pray for your help.

4. I am a nurse and I hope the to work in USA and bring along my husband so that we can be together.

5. Dearest Mother, I am praying for your intercession for my broken marriage. I pray that my husband will learn to forgive the many things in his life and get help for his anger problem.

6. Please pray and intercede for my eldest daughter to do well in her ‘A’ Levels. Please help her to stay calm and free from anxiety and bless her with good health throughout the examination period.

7. I had a CT scan done for my pelvic pain. I pray that the result will not be anything serious or cancerous.

8. Please pray for my friend to be able to love her 9 year-old daughter the way God wants her to. Mother and daughter are having daily conflicts even at this young age.

9.  Please intercede for my son that he will pass his final theory and driving test.

10. I pray for my 19 year-old son who is suffering from ADHD and other medical conditions. He is always not feeling well and unable to hold a long-term job due to his condition.

11. Please pray for a safe and pleasant trip for our family. Please protect us from any mishap.

12. Dear Mother, I just learnt that my colleague has fallen ill. Please pray for her to be strong and positive through this challenging period.

13. My friend’s son, who has mild autism, is currently in the midst of applying to a special school. Please intercede for him that he will be accepted into a good school to help him with his learning.