Petitions – 19 March 2022

1. Please intercede with our Lord Jesus to move the heart of my wife to forgive me and be opened to reconciliation. I also pray that my family will not be separated because of divorce. I pray for our family to be reunited in love and forgiveness.

2. My sister was tested positive with Covid 19. I pray that Lord Jesus, will touch and bless her with a speedy recovery without any complication.

3. I pray for my husband to have a safe journey to Shanghai and also pray for all the passengers on board to be in good health.

4. I ask for your intercession for my child to be accepted in the university in UK and also pray for my husband to have a stable job.

5. I ask for blessing to be able to conceive a child.

6. Please be with my wife who has been battling with cancer. Please intercede for her as she is going through treatment.

7. I seek your intercession for my son who has gone for a second interview. I pray that he will be able to secure the job.

8. Please pray for my mother who is suffering from depression. And pray also for all who are suffering from sickness and loneliness.

9. I contracted Covid 3 weeks ago and I am still recovering from a persistent flu, cough. I feel tried easily. Please intercede for me to have a full recovery and to be my healthy self again.

10. I pray for a friend’s son who has not had success in getting a job for nearly 2 years. I pray that God gives him the confidence to continue to apply for jobs. Give him the insight to find potential jobs and the ability to secure the job.

11. Continue to intercede for my family so that we can always tackle any situation by keeping our faith in you and your Son.