Petitions – 19 February 2022

1. My son is full of anger, frustration, and anxiety about the direction his life is taking. He has also lost faith. I pray for your intercession that our Lord Jesus will touch my son and help him to find his way back to God by overcoming his anger and anxiety.

2. Dear Mother, please pray for my friend’s family who are having some conflicts in their marriage. Kindly intercede for this family for peace and understanding between husband and wife.

3. Dear Mother Mary, I seek your intercession to place forgiveness and love in the hearts of my wife and daughter, so that they may return home and that we may be reunited and heal as a family.

4. My daughter-in-law has just conceived her second child and will be due in August 2022. Please take care of her during the pregnancy and give her a safe and easy delivery.

5. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for me to get a good job soon. It’s been seven months of searching without any success.

6. I pray for healing and strength, for I am emotionally wounded by my own family members.

7. Dear Mother Mary, my brother-in-law and his wife are going through a rough patch and considering separation. Please intercede for them.

8. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, intercede on behalf of my brother to find a job overseas. Keep him safe and healthy.

9. Please pray for my husband and me to be more loving and communicative as a couple and to be good parents to our children.

10. Dear Mother, please intercede for our two children. Guard them from all harm and bless us to bring them up by teaching them Christian values.

11. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please continue to intercede to our Lord Jesus for us to have good health and be kept safe from harm and danger.  

12. Mother Mary, please pray for me as I am losing my motivation at work and in life. I am unable to sleep well. Please intercede for God’s healing and peace.

13. Dear Mother, please help my family. My father is thinking of divorcing my mother. I pray for forgiveness and reconciliation and peace in the family.

14. My son is feeling stressed and is having problems at work. Mother intercede for him.

15. Dear Mother, my father had a second stroke is not responding well and is depressed. It’s hard for my mother and helper to care for him. I pray to our Lord Jesus to give us strength and hope through this difficult period.

16. Dear Mother Mary, please be with my friend who has been diagnosed with cancer. I pray that she may receive the best and most suitable treatment and bless her to recover well and be in good health.

17. Dear Mother, please pray that our court case be swift and successful because it will save us lots of money, money on legal fees.

18. Dearest Mother, thank for you for all the blessings from God. I am here to pray for my unborn child to be healthy and strong despite all my medical conditions. Mother, I pray for the safe delivery of my baby.

19. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I am praying for all those who travel that they may a safe travel during this pandemic.

20. I seek your loving and comforting presence. There are so many roadblocks in my work and relationships that are making me feel helpless and sad. I pray that God will help me in overcoming all obstacles and be strengthened.

21. Dearest Mother, pray that I may conceive and have healthy children in the future. I seek your intercession for my Australian RRV and our move there.