Petitions – 19 August 2023

1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, doctors recently found a tear in my Godfather’s aorta. Mother, please intercede for him and grant him the healing so that he can continue to serve the church. I pray for his family who are worried and anxious.

2. Dearest Mother, please help my son get admission into the polytechnic. He struggles with his studies so please help him through his ‘O’ levels.  

3. Dearest Mother, please pray that I can have a happy and loving marriage and family life.

4. Please intercede for me to overcome my bad habits and lifestyle – procrastination, laziness and addiction to watching TV. Help me increase my faith and trust in God.

5. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I pray for my children who are taking the PSLE and IB exams this year. It is stressful and I pray that they’ll be calm and confident.

6. Dearest Mother, my 41-year-old son has Down’s Syndrome. Doctors discovered spots on his lungs and he has to go for a CT Scan. I am very worried about his medical condition. Please intercede for him that he will recover fully.

7. Dearest Mother Mary, my 4-year-old son is recovering from a stem cell transplant necessitated by his rare bone marrow disease. Please intercede for him to have a smooth recovery.

8. Mother Mary, please intercede for me to get a job soon. I am the sole bread winner of my family and you know how important a job is for me. I pray that I will find a workplace where I will be motivated to give my best.

9. Dear Mother Mary, please pray that we may have sufficient funds to buy a house of our own.

10. Dear Mother, please help my daughter to get her Permanent Residence in Australia. She is happy there and I thank you for being with her when I can’t. Please protect her always.

11. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, I have been blessed to get into medical school. However, I feel very incompetent and I feel like I am barely passing. Mother, please pray and intercede for me that I might do better in school and that I will believe in the gifts that the Lord has given me.

12. Mother Mary, please intercede for my brother who is suffering from prostate cancer. The cancer is aggressive and doctors have given him about four months to live. He is losing his mobility and his sight is getting worse. Please pray that he will have a peaceful journey.

13. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, my wife is having difficulty getting a visa to stay in Singapore. We are expecting a child and there are complications with her pregnancy. Please help us so that we can stay together in Singapore and that she will have a safe delivery.