Petitions – 18 Nov 2017

  1. My son will go for a kidney transplant in January. I pray for a matching donor and financial funds.
  2. Please pray for my father, who will be going for his cataract operation.
  3. Please help my daughter-in-law to get a new job. She has been jobless since 1st of August 2017, and has sent in many applications. Unfortunately, all applications have been rejected. She is very sad and disappointed. She has to support her own parents as well as pay the housing loans.
  4. I have begun my journey into the catholic faith. Please pray for me to find the true meaning of the scriptures. Guide me to serve the community and to serve our Lord.
  5. I pray that my parents would get back together as they are divorced. Help me to control myself when I feel stressed or am feeling down.
  6. Please hear the cry of my heart. Reunite my family. Mend the brokenness and restore the years which we have lost.
  7. Please intercede for my mother and ask Jesus, to heal her. Her legs and hips are painful.
  8. I have committed many sins in the past. As a result of my sins, my wife is deciding to annul our marriage. I really beg and hope that she will change her mind and give me another chance. I have repented and really want this marriage to work.
  9. Please bless our daughter with kindness, love and health. Please keep her strong in her catholic faith and let her church friends include her in their church missionary events and activities. Let her feel a sense of belonging.