Petitions – 18 June 2022

1. I have been trying to conceive for almost 5 years. I am falling into depression again. I came to the Novena Church a few weeks back and I asked for your intercession.

2. I was diagnosed with a rare bladder tumour early this year. Mother Mary, please pray for me that the tumour is not cancerous and I will get well soon.

3. Mother Mary, please pray for me that I will be able to discern better, help me to make wiser decisions and to better provide for my family.

4. We have been told that we need to vacate our rental property. With the rental crisis in Australia, it is impossible to find a home that is affordable. Please help us to find a home soon.

5. I humbly ask for your intercession for my results. If I fail the exam, I only have 1 day to re-sit the paper.  

6. I am praying for my son who is in financial difficulty in his business venture as his investor refused to pay for all the staff and the suppliers. Please intercede for him that he can have a good job offer and God will open a new door for him.

7. I ask for your intercession to help me overcome the rejections in my job interviews. I have been trying to look for a new job not only to provide for my family but also for my future as well. Lead me along the right path.

8. I feel lost, frustrated and disappointed. Please pray that I will be able to overcome what I am going through.

9. I pray that I will be able to get through my probation in my new job.

10. I feel stuck and unloved. I am praying hard that I will be able to move on in my life.

11. I pray for the upcoming retreat that I will be attending and I will be able to mingle with the rest of the participants.

12. Please intercede for my husband who will be going for his third cycle of chemotherapy. He had to be hospitalised during the last two cycles. Please grant him the strength and grace to go through this cycle safely.