Petitions – 18 Jul 2020

1. Please intercede for my boyfriend to have good health and for all abnormal symptoms to disappear from his body. I hope that you will allow him to experience the power of your love for him through us, Mother.

2. I beg for your intercession to help me find a job. I started a new job 2 months ago and it was a nightmare. I worked till midnight. I also had to work on Sunday until I had no time for Mass. I started quarrelling with my family. I had no choice but to resign. The future looks bleak as job market is very quiet and with Covid-19, it is even more difficult to find a job. Help me, Mother Mary.

3. Thank you for helping to keep my staff off from the retrenchment list. Please continue to look after my family.

4. Please intercede for our nephew. He is heavily in debt and with the current situation the way it is, only Your Son, Jesus, can help him. Mother, please pray to your Son for our nephew.

5. Please assist my nephew as he is on no pay leave. He has a young family. I know there are many without jobs and are suffering. Please help them and stop the pandemic.

6. Please help and intercede to your Son, Jesus Christ, for my 2 daughters to find good jobs during this Covid-19 pandemic. We believe and trust that nothing is impossible with your help.

7. Dear Mother, I am worried for my daughter who’s studying in the university as the situation in USA is bad.