Petitions – 18 Jan 2020

  1. Please give me the strength to continue my journey in life as an invalid and give me the wisdom and patience.


  1. I am writing this petition for your intercession to heal me of my insomnia, anxiety and spiritual dryness at this time. Please pray for me to stay close to Jesus during this time of distress.


  1. I am suffering from cancer since 2019. I am currently going through my treatment. Please help me and guide me.


  1. Please bless me with tuition assignments in 2020 so that I can support my family. My spouse has been retrenched, bless him with a job opportunity soon.


  1. My nephew was born with heart problem and internal organ issues. Please pray and intercede to Lord Jesus Christ to bless him to the best of health and to improve his condition as he is getting weaker.


  1. Dearest Mother, I am writing this petition for my student. He will be getting his O Level results soon. Help and guide him to take the path that you know is best for him. Give him the courage to take the steps that will see him grow into a fine young man. With your help, I know he will overcome any hurdle in his path.


  1. I pray for your intercession for blessings on my family this 2020 in terms of our security, safety, health, personal lives, careers and service to the less fortunate.


  1. Please intercede that I may find a job after losing my previous job several months ago. Please also give me strength and hope to go through this ordeal while caring for my elderly parents.


  1. Please bless me to conceive naturally and help me to never lose faith and to persevere.


  1. Dearest Mother, I watched helplessly as my mother was suffering with intense pain and turning emotional and irrational. Please help her to recover from spinal misalignment and nerve compression and restore her mental health. Bring her inner peace through your loving intercession.