Petitions – 18 February 2023

1. Mother Mary, our desire and prayer all the time is to have a baby. With your intercession, nothing is impossible.

2. I pray for your intercession that my sister and I will be able to go on a pilgrimage this year.

3. I seek your help for my daughter to find a job.

4. I continue to ask for your intercession to unite my broken family.

5. Please intercede for my marriage.

6. I pray for healing of my grandson who is suffering from a kidney problem. I also pray for my daughter to be able to find a house nearer to her children’s school.

7. My daughter has just started her overseas business. I ask you to bless her with your wisdom and guidance.

8. Please intercede for me to continue working until my daughter finishes her studies abroad. Being the sole bread winner and a single mother, I am very afraid that I will lose my job due to the recent restructuring in office.