Petitions – 18 December 2021

1. Please protect us all from Covid-19 especially those in my family who cannot be vaccinated. My 3rd brother aged 73 is vulnerable because he has chosen not to get vaccinated. Please guide him to make the decision to be vaccinated and protect him from any side-effects when he does so.

2. Dearest Mother, please bless and heal all broken families, marriages and homes. I entrust to you all families.

3. Please intercede for my dear friend who is suffering from depression as a result of a toxic marriage. She has also been feeling unloved for a long time.

4. Dear Mother, please guide us and direct us as to whether to purchase this house that we are going to see with the agent. I pray that we can get it at a reasonable price.

5. Please pray for my cousin who is seriously ill. She needs your prayers. Bless her with good health and happiness.

6. Dearest Mother, there have been problems at work for the past few months which have made me unable to eat or sleep well and have been feeling anxious, stressed and fearful every day. Please pray and intercede for me that God will resolve all these problems and protect me every day, allowing my daily work to be smooth and peaceful.

7. My daughter and I were confirmed Covid positive and we are now on home recovery. These few days are critical for us and I pray that our symptoms will not deteriorate. Mother, please keep us safe.

8. We are really in need of your help to pray for my mum during this difficult time. The medical team has told us to be prepared for the worse. Dearest Mother, we come before you with faith to grant what is best for my mum who is recovering from a surgery due to a fall but now she has developed pneumonia and a weak heart.

9. Please intercede and pray that I will get the job offer for a position in a company that I really want. I have gone for 4 interviews and this is the last stretch. I hope to be given this opportunity and I pray that you will be with me every step of the way.                     

10. I am writing on behalf of my friend. She wants to go home to Philippines in January for her son’s birthday but one of her team mates is not willing to let her go. Please pray for her that she will be able to be granted home leave as she has been wanting to go back to visit her family.

11. Please intercede for my youngest son who is facing emotional issues and I do not know how to handle him. Please protect him from all evil and let him know that you are always by his side.

12. Please pray for my wife and me as we are trying to conceive without any success. May Lord Jesus grant us a baby soon.