Petitions – 17 Nov 2018

    1. Dear Mother, I am facing lots of pressure at work and am at the risk of losing my job. Please continue to give me strength and intercede for me.


    1. Dear Mother, please heal my brother of his cancer and intercede for him to have a successful surgery to have the tumour removed without any problem.


    1. Please help my husband and me to be more patient and kind to one another.


    1. Please pray for my daughter to do well in her “A” level exams so that she will be able to pursue a course of her choice in the local university.


    1. Dearest Mother, please intercede for me as I discern my vocation. Help me to be more aware of what God wants of me and to be able to say yes to what He asks from me.


    1. Dear Mother Mary, please help my husband to come back to the family.


    1. Dearest Mother, I am suffering from depression and anxiety. I am having thoughts of running away from home, too. Please pray for me.


    1. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my husband to get a job offer. He has been going for many interviews but all have been unsuccessful. Help him to get a job soon as he needs to provide for the family.


    1. Please heal my parents’ relationship. They get annoyed with each other very easily.


    1. Dearest loving Mother, I seek your intercession to help my granddaughter to have a speedy recovery from her asthma and virus infection.


    1. Please intercede for me that I will do well for my “A” level exams. May my peers stay safe and healthy throughout this period.


    1. My friend suffered a massive heart attack last week. He is on breathing support and in a coma, fighting for his life. Dear Mother, please intercede for him.


    1. Please help me to overcome the financial problems that I am facing now.