Petitions – 17 Aug 2019

  1. Dear Mother Mary, my responsibilities at work are growing and I need wisdom and clarity to lead my team well. Please help me and always remind me to do what Jesus would do at all time. Please also continue to intercede for my family.


  1. Please intercede for me as I will be going for my interview next week and that would determine the next 10 years of my life. Please be with me during the ordeal and let me speak words of wisdom that would glorify God’s name.


  1. Please help me during my PSLE and Preliminary exam this year and be with me during my revision so I can prepare myself well and not panic during the exams.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, my son has lost his passport in China. Please help him so that everything will work out fine with him over there.


  1. Please help us in our financial problem as we are trying our best to pay back the debts to the banks.


  1. Please guide us to be good parents to our children and bring them up on the right path.


  1. I pray for my sister-in-law who is suffering from an advanced stage of cancer.


  1. Dear Mother Mary, I am 23 weeks pregnant now and my water bag burst. I am now lying in the hospital, not knowing what will happen to my baby. Both my husband and I have been longing for a child and we believe he is God’s gift. Please intercede for us.


  1. Dear Mother, please help my friend who is facing a lot of challenges at the moment. Show her that there is always hope no matter how tough the situation is and remove all the negative thoughts in her.