Petitions – 16 September 2023

1. Dearest Mother Mary, please intercede for me not to feel so insecure and worried as I am now reaching retirement and worrying about my future. Help me to be productive at work and at home and have better time-management and able to have adequate rest than what I have at present.     

2. I come to you pleading for your intercession. A very dear friend of ours is fighting for his life in hospital. He has been medically induced into a coma so that he can heal from the infection in his brain. I place his family under your care that they may find strength and courage. Please help him recover fully.

3. Please pray for my son who has left the Church and subscribes to new age beliefs and practices. Please pray for him to come back to God.                

4. Dearest Mother, please give me the strength to overcome temptation and trust in the plan that the Lord has for me and my family.   

5. Dear Mother, my dad will be undergoing surgery. Please pray that it will be a smooth and successful one.                

6. I have been using alcohol to fight my loneliness and unhappiness and I pray for your help and guidance that I can overcome this problem.

7. I am a cancer survivor and I will be going for my scan. Please intercede for me.      

8. I pray for both my daughters who will be taking their exams soon.

9. Mother Mary, my mother is suffering from dementia and I pray that you will shower your graces upon her and may she age gracefully.          

10. Please bless my daughter-in-law who’s going through her 1st pregnancy after 12 years of marriage. Please protect mother and child.           

11. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my mother who is struggling with thyroid and depression.

12. I am writing this petition to seek you help and guidance for my family to have peace and understanding.       

13. . Please help me find a good job whereby I won’t need to worry about my job security so that I can have quality time with my family.