Petitions – 16 October 2021

1. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help I pray for the mental well-being of my husband who has been recently diagnosed with an illness that is life changing. Intercede to our Lord to help him through his difficult times. We pray for Lord’s mercy and healing.

2. Please pray for dementia patients and grant the care givers the gift of patience and caring and loving heart to take care of them.

3. Dear Mother, please intercede on our behalf to our Lord to protect my father and help him recover from his eye operation.

4. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my friend’s family both his parents and son are diagnosed with cancer.

5. I humble ask you to pray and guide my brother. Help him find a job and have a healthy and loving family.

6. Dear Mother Mary, I humbly ask for your intercession for the healing of my friend’s mother from Covid19.

7. Dearest Mother, please pray for my husband to have a successful job interview and get the offer.

8. Blessed Mother, I humbly seek your prayer for my niece’s husband. After initial tests, the doctor suspects his condition could be lymphoma. This uncertainty is causing fear and anxiety in the family. Mother, pray for healing and strength.

9. Dearest Mother Mary, I pray for my family and helper to be in good health. Keep them safe especially in this time of pandemic.

10. Mother Mary, I’m praying for the healing of my friend’s mother who is battling Covid19 currently. May your intercession to our Lord help her to recover.

11. Dear Mother, I offer up my cousin to you who is been diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer. Mother pray that she may have the strength and courage to go through her chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

12. Mother Mary, please pray for me to have good health. I pray that there’s nothing serious with my bladder and kidneys.

13. Dear Mother, I am feeling so down. I’m grateful I have a job, but this job is leading no way. I am afraid to change as well. Please pray for me that I have the courage to overcome my fear.

14. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for me to perform well in my new job and give me the strength and guidance to overcome the challenges that I may face.

15. My husband and I have been trying to start a family for years. And recently found out that I have lower chance of normal conceiving. Through God’s will and your intercession, we may be blessed with a healthy normal baby soon. For God nothing is impossible.

16. Dear Mama Mary, the doctor just found a 1-cm benign tumor on my friend’s kidney. If it grows and bursts, she will have a kidney failure. There is nothing the doctors can do now except to monitor the growth. Please pray for my friend’s health and give her support during this time.