Petitions – 15 Sep 2018

  1. Mother, please pray for the people in Japan, especially in Osaka, Hokkaido and Tokyo that were being affected by natural disasters of the typhoon and earthquake.


  1. Dearest Mother, please pray for me as I have symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. I also have an eating disorder. May your Son, Jesus, show his mercy on me and heal me of my illness.


  1. Mother, I ask of you to bless my nephew who is 15 years old. Help him to be calm and peaceful and listen to his parents. Bless him and protect him from all negative influences from friends, music, and TV shows.


  1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, my friend and his wife are going through serious problems in their relationship. They are only one year into their marriage. Please help and intercede for them.


  1. Mother, please intercede for our child to stay strong in her Catholic faith and be happy every day at home. Please let her be successful in her school subjects.


  1. Dear Mother, my husband has been forced to resign from his position within the next 3 months by his boss. Please pray for him to get another job soon.


  1. Dear Mother, I seek your intercession for my friend’s dad who has suddenly gone blind due to diabetes. Please give him strength and fill him with your love so that he would trust in the Lord to heal him protect him from pain and suffering.


  1. Mother, we have been using our savings to cover our monthly expenses for the past 2 years because we are not earning enough from our F&B business. Life is tough for us and we are physically and mentally exhausted. Please intercede for us.


  1. Dearest Mother, please pray that my dad will be cleared from any legal charges as he was not at fault for what he is being sued for. May you grant him more peace.

  2. Dear Mother, I seek your help to get my friend and cousins out of depression.