Petitions – 15 Aug 2020

1. Please pray for the complete healing of my granddaughter’s right leg. She is only five years old and is due for an external fixation to unite the bone in her right leg.

2. My company has not paid me my wages for the past eight months and I am now placed on indefinite suspension. I have depleted most of my savings and I haven’t been able to find a permanent job to sustain my family. I seek your help and your kind intercession.

3. Please intercede for my youngest son who will be sitting for his exams. Please help him to overcome all his struggles and challenges, and keep him close to you and your Son.

4. I’m writing to ask you to intercede for your dear daughter, who is recently diagnosed with Stage 4 Gastrointestinal Stroma Tumour. Please obtain for her the grace of healing, if it is in accordance with God’s Will.

5. It has been a long time since I attended the physical Novena devotion. During this time of pandemic, I have been feeling lonely and depressed. Mother, please continue to pray for me that I will continue to find myself.

6. After my first child, it had taken me a long time to conceive again, and I’ve been through several miscarriages and heartaches. I am pregnant now and it is labelled as a high-risk one. I am currently in my third trimester. Mother, I pray for your intercession for a safe and smooth delivery.

7. Please pray for my husband who is gradually drifting apart from me. After 21 years of marriage, we no longer spend time together and we seem to be leading separate lives. Help him to love and cherish his family and spend more time with me and with our children.

8. The pandemic situation is getting worse in my home country, the Philippines. I feel helpless, and I’m very worried for my family. Please pray for us.

9. Please help my son. He has been remanded for over 20 months at Changi Prison and is awaiting sentencing. He was given three strokes of the cane and is now locked up in solitary confinement. Please continue be by his side together with our Lord Jesus.

10. Please pray that I will be healed and cleansed of all my unchaste thoughts and actions.