Petitions – 15 April 2023

1. Please intercede for my father who is always angry and easily agitated.

2. I pray for your intercession that our baby will grow up strong and healthy and be baptised as a Catholic.

3. Please intercede for my niece that she may concentrate on her studies and prepare for her exams.

4. Please pray and intercede for my friend’s sister who is battling stage 4 breast cancer which has also spread to some other vital organs.

5. Please help my two sons to be successful in their respective careers. Please guide my husband and bring peace to the family.

6. Help us in the settlement of my husband’s estate.

7. I have relationship problems with my family members. Please pray for me and help me solve them.

8. Please intercede for my son. He is suffering from ADHD and many other issues.

9. I am really struggling to manage the needs of my 83-year-old father. He is a difficult man and nothing I do to help him is ever enough and this is wearing me down. He triggers my anxiety and depression and sometimes I find no meaning in my life. I worry sometimes that I will hurt him or myself.

10. I was informed by my son this morning that he had been laid off by his company. It came as a great shock to me and my family. I pray to you, dearest Mother, to intercede for him to find another job as soon as possible.

11. Please pray for my son who has left the Church and subscribes to new age beliefs. Please lead him back to       Christ Jesus.