Petitions – 14 Sep 2019

  1. My husband is on a medication for his heart problem. Mother, please pray for him that he may recover quickly.


  1. Protect my future spouse. Keep him safe and chaste till we commit ourselves in marriage.


  1. Our daughter is going through a lot of stress as her PSLE draws near. Give her a calm and confident mind to do her best.


  1. Please guide and protect my sister’s family in their difficult time. Help my brother-in-law make the right decision to be reconciled with the family.


  1. Mother Mary, I am not working now. I pray that I’ll find a good tenant to rent out my house so that I can support my family.


  1. I’m longing for a baby so that my daughter can have a sibling. It has already been 5 years and I haven’t given up hope. Please bless us with another child.


  1. Our son has become defiant. He no longer regards us with respect and is doing poorly in school. Help bring him back to the right path.