Petitions – 14 May 2022

1. Dearest Mother Mary, please help me. Mother, I am growing weary and fearful. Please help me to keep this wonderful job that you have given me.

2. Dear Mother, once again I come running to you asking for help. I am going to see the bone specialist and I am scared. I don’t know what he will advise me. Help me to understand what the doctor has to say and help me to decide what to do.

3. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, we are looking for a new family home. Mother, pray that God will open a new door for us. We trust God will guide us to where He wants us to be.

4. Please pray for my daughter that she will be healed of any psychological issues and overcome the social and academic challenges she is facing in her life right now. Please help her to find meaning in her course and bless her with good friends in school.

5. Dear Mother Mary, I desperately pray for your intercession. My husband was wrongly accused of something serious that he didn’t do. The person reported him to the police and he was locked up for 2 days. He is suffering inside. There is a great anxiety and fear in all of us. Mother Mary, you know he is innocent. Please save him from this ordeal.

6. My husband has been admitted to hospital again due to severe pain from his cancer treatment. Please intercede to your Son, for him to get well again.

7. Dearest Mother, I have not been able to sleep well without medication for the past 10 months. I really need your help to sleep without worrying.

8. Please pray for me to be granted wisdom, knowledge and strength to be successful at my place of work so as to be able to save more lives and help needy patients to pay for cancer treatments.

9. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for me and my husband that we may be able to conceive a healthy child soon.

10. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help, today is my dad’s 61st birthday. Please intercede for him to have a more happy and contented life. Give him good health always and protect him. Please grant him many more years to celebrate his birthdays.

11. My son has been away from God for more than 10 years now. I pray for your intercession that our Lord Jesus will touch him and help him to find his way back to God.

12. I ask for your intercession to help all countries to handle the pandemic wisely and correctly. Please help the war in Ukraine to come to a swift and just conclusion. Please help the people of Ukraine, Afghanistan, Myanmar and the Middle East to find lasting peace and stability. Please help refugees and migrants to find safe havens.