Petitions – 14 January 2023

1. Dear Mother of Perpetual Help,

I need your help desperately. My husband passed away 6 years ago. I have no children and no family here, and I’ve been diagnosed with a serious illness. Please help me.

2. Mother, my 15 year-old niece is suffering from liver failure. Please intercede for her to your Son, Jesus, to have a smooth and successful transplant.

3. Please help my son to do well when he starts his internship next month.

4. Mary, we need your prayers to be able to communicate lovingly as husband and wife so that we can be a good example to our children.

5. Help me in this coming year to keep God in the centre of my life. Guide and guard me in my thoughts, words and deeds.

6. Please pray for me to be able to solve my financial problems soon.

7. Intercede for my daughter to regain her self-esteem, to trust the family members and to return to God. Most important of all, help her to feel loved by all of us and by God.

8. I feel tired and emotionally drained. Please give me strength and peace of mind.

9. Mother Mary, my wife will be going for the 4th round of chemo next week. Be with her so that she’ll be able to overcome the pain and suffering.

10. My daughter has started pre-nursery. She has a strong will and does not take well to new environments. I pray for your intercession to help her adapt to the school, the teachers and the new friends.