Petitions – 13 May 2023

1. Please bless my husband. Keep him safe in your Motherly Hands. Help him to overcome all his problems.

2. Kindly intercede to your Son that He will shine a light on my new career path as I am joining a new industry. Mother Mary, help us in our prayers.

3. Please intercede for us to have a safe journey returning home for a vacation. I pray that everything will go smoothly at the airport.

4. My son and daughter-in-law have been trying to have a child the past few years. We pray for her to conceive a healthy child. We believe all things are possible with God.

5. Dearest Mother Mary, I ask of you to pray for my son so that his ADHD condition will be regulated. He is getting old and due to take his PSLE next year but his condition seems more unmanageable as he gets older.

6. I humbly ask for your intercession for my girlfriend. I pray that she will say YES to joining the RCIY and that she will encounter the Love of God in his mysterious ways.

7. Dearest Mother Mary, please pray for my husband and brother-in-law to be healed from Parkinson’s disease and to be blessed with good health in mind, body and soul.

8. My girlfriend is still battling with breast cancer and is on hormone therapy. Mother, pray for her that all further tests will show that she is cancer-free.

9. Mother, I am currently facing a difficult time. I need to make a major decision in my life. Mother, remove hesitation from my heart so that I will be able to make the right decision. Grant me peace of mind and calm my troubled heart.

10. Dearest Mother of Perpetual Help, please intercede for my son to find a godly life partner from our catholic faith according to God’s beautiful plan for him.

11. Please intercede for my child who did something wrong as a teenager but was let off with a probation. However because of this, getting an internship/job has been a challenge, despite getting good grades and positive feedback from the tutors. Mother, please pray for a positive outcome and give us a chance to turn our lives around.

12. Dear Mother Mary, please pray for my son. He is suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder. Bless him with good health and to find his life partner.